By / 13/05/2015 / Design

    Raphael George creates unique and powerful brochures and graphic for publications, advocacy and institutional campaigns, international schools, corporate identity and other clients.

  • International French School of Kathmandu


    By / 13/05/2015 / Design

    Raphael George creates innovative templates from the programmation, web structure to photographic elements included in the design for private companies, educational institutions, trekking agencies, restaurants and associations.  


    By / 13/05/2015 / Design

    Raphael George creates unique and meaningful flyers, creative invitations or other communications tools for multiple purposes including educative and musical events, wedding, etc.  


    By / 13/05/2015 / Design

    Raphael George creates on request resumes and cover letters for professionals and students. By adapting the original resume of client, he improves not only the template and the graphic elements but also the core meaning of the content.


    By / 12/05/2015 / Design

    Raphael George creates business cards, letterheads, envelopes and other communication tools on request in order to develop a creative visual identity for clients (companies, association, educational institutions, etc.).

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