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Raphael George is an International Development Project Manager and a freelance photographer based in Kathmandu. Born in 1990 in Lyon (France), he discovered the world of photography in his youth through publications and cinematographic works on Buddhist culture in the Himalayas. Later, he developed a passion for photography while traveling in Iceland and hiking in the Alps. As a student in International Development at Sciences Po Paris, he acquired skills in managing development projects on environnemental, cultural and social issues. In 2012, he decided to work abroad in Nepal as a Communication Manager and later as Research Assistant. He continued to work on his photographic projects and to shoot some footages for documentaries in Nepal. This new experience fostered him to develop cultural projects mixing both his professional and artistic skills.

His pictures are inspired by the daily life of population, whether in Nepal or at the heart of Paris. Trying to create strong emotions and a contact with his public as well as his characters in the photographs, he explores this art between a scientific discovery of a culture and its journalistic aspect. He also shot some motion pictures, mainly documentary and live performances.

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